Who are we?

Hello and welcome to our site. My name is Rev. Karen T. Milton I have been in the ministry since 1979, serving God and His people wherever I go. My Co-Partner, Rev. Yvonne Stewart has been in Ministry since 1984, she is in Maryland and she can also be reached at 410-688-2682, We have Associate Ministers that assist with our Ministry as well as Church member We exist to serve, encourage, change lives, enhance families, bring families together, assist in job training and . as long as the ministry have it to give, we will give. We are a Ministry that minister and attend to the total man. We feed you if you are hungry, we clothe you if you need clothing. We assist you to find housing and we Minister to families with basic needs to make living easier as the days goes by. And most of all we are a place where you can grow spiritually and intellectually. We assist people to gain life skills to afford them a better job opportunity.

We are a conduit to the community to assist young people and our Seniors to better their academic skills, change behaviors. Feed and cloth the hungry. Minister to those in need. Assist in education learning abilities.

We are an extension and connected to the Union Chapel Missionary Baptist Church at 621 E. Lawyers Rd. Monroe, NC 28110, Rivers of Oil Teaching-Motivational Ministry is Overseen by Rev. Karen Milton at Union Chapel Missionary Baptist Church is under the Pastor-ship of Pastor Marcellus Bob Evans. We invite you to Fellowship with us every Sunday at 8:00 am Sunday service and 10:00 am for Sunday School. Bible Study is on Wedneday at 12:00 noon a hour of power and also at 7:00 pm.